EDE is currently developing a hybrid alternative fuel pellet (HAFP) that is intended to allow utilities and other enterprises that currently burn solid and gaseous fuel sources to transition from these traditional sources to HAFP’s.


Because the HAFP’s are produced, in part, with high-grade reclaimed coal fines, blended with cellulose (wood) and/or other biomass material in an 80/20 configuration, the resulting product is a cleaner, renewable fuel source with similar BTU output to pure coal.


The HAFP’s can also employ wood chips in its blend to make the HAFP’s even more flexible in its uses and allow for exportation to Europe, where wood pellets are utilized but produce a somewhat lower energy output (10,500 BTU’s versus 11,000-11,500 BTU’s for HAFP’s).


Further, EDE is currently developing its own proprietary binding agent that will be filed with the appropriate worldwide patent agencies to become patent protected. This binding agent will allow HAFP’s to be utilized across a broader range of platforms, allowing EDE to introduce its HAFP’s to older utilities, cement manufacturers, aluminum and steel manufacturers.